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Organizer: NYX Lounge ( All NYX Lounge's events)
When: Starts: Mar-15-2019 Until 11:59 PM
Location: L6K 3N6 (get map)

Friday March 15th


All the squares will be there!

Calling Avengers, calling Justice League, calling Treckies, all Xmen, all Galactic empire and republic soldiers, whether you are on the dark side or have the force you are called to this event. 

If you are Naruto, or Ferengie, My little Pony, Princess Leia, Black Cat or Red Sonja, Sailor Moon, Harley Quinn or Super Mario.... there should be no reason to 
ONE not show up, and
.... TWO show up without theme!

Don’t be surprised to see Mary Poppins holding Tony Stark's Pulsar, or Princess Leia getting the Hammer from Thor. We won’t even go where Gandalf's Staff will be. There will be iron breastplates, and leather corsets.  Mary Jane will likely be inside Peter Parker's Spandex and Wonder woman is guaranteed to be tying someone up, so make sure you are part of the fun.

No matter what you are into, Bring it! You are bound to find a lobe to rub, or a tentacle to wrestle. Just watch for that shot of white light each time a Plasma Pistol goes off!
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