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Event: Twist Private Party    
Organizer: Twist SF ( All Twist SF's events)
When: Starts: Apr-27-2019 at 10:00 PM Until Apr-28-2019 4:00 AM
Location: 94102 (get map)

Twist Private Party

Our couples only events happen Saturday night from 10pm until 4am.

Inspiration for our party: having been to an array of parties across the nation and around the world, and there were always things we liked and things we didn't. When we found a location where we could create something of our own, we decided to try to bring together what we liked on different parties (kind of make a "perfect party" of our own), and we created Twist Private Party. After more then 5 years of hosting parties, we are still working on improving them, one little detail at a time :-)

Contact us for an invitation: info@twist-sf.com or (415) 322-8822

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