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Event: Cap D'Agde 2019     
Organizer: Vixen Club ( All Vixen Club's events)
When: Starts: Aug-10-2019 Until Aug-24-2019
Location: 91403 (get map)

Cap D'Agde 2019


40,000 Swingers Take Over French Seaside Resort

Saturday Aug 10 - Saturday, Aug 24 
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Cap D'Agde Village Naturiste 
Cap D'Agde, France   
France map
Host Bronze Party 
Join us and our 40,000 new friends at

Located in one of the sexiest places in the world in the South of France! 

This is BY FAR the largest gathering of swingers in the world - in the country that more or less invented swinging with the "Libertine" movement. 
Between mid July and mid August every year, up to 40,000 swingers take over this resort! 

What is Cap D'Adge / Village Naturist? 
Cap D'Agde is a resort town in the South of France on the 
Mediterranean Sea.  
Village Naturist (Nudist Village) is a year-round swinger and nudist resort in that city.

Will it be fun?
OMG! The scale of this will blow your mind. You get to check out Tantra and Glamour swingers clubs, amazing beach parties, foam parties, pool parties, and more. Enjoy high-end European night club experiences with drinks included for affordable rates. 

Won't it be filled with Nudists?
Yes, and nudists and swingers are not always in sync, right?  Don't worry, the resort becomes very swinger lifestyle focused during this time of the year.  But it remains a nudist resort, so you can cruise around naked all you want - or not.  That said, you may see a few things you prefer not to see mixed in with beautiful people. It's a truly open society. 

Where is Cap D'Agde?Large_thumb
It's in the south of France - on the Mediteranean, about 1 hour drive from the Spanish border and about 1 hour drive east of Montpellier.  Three good ways to get there are:
1. Bullet Train from Paris
2. Fly to Montpellier - drive 1 hour
3. Fly to Barcelona - drive 3 hours

Will I Fit In?
There is something for everyone in Cap D'Agde.  Are you super picky?  Lots of choices.  Not so much?  Even more choices.  Looking for "the beautiful people?"  Le Glamour is the hottest nightclub scene in the world at this time of year IMHO.  

Party Schedule
Large_thumbLarge_thumbHow about 24x7?  There are at least 10 swinger clubs of various types within the village, all within walking distance, each open 7 days a week. You will not be bored!  We will organize some meet and greet parties so you can get to know other members of our group.

How About Shopping?Large_thumb
Get ready for swinger shopping paradise. You can get a great deal on this clamp-on crotchless thong :)  Seriously, Cap D'Agde in August is a 24/7 swinger fashion show with every lingerie/clothing shop you could imagine.

But I don't speak French! Ca ne fait rien!
It doesn't matter. 10 years ago this could be an issue but Cap D'Agde is an international swinger destination now and English is spoken widely.

Will Our Group All Be Staying Together?
No, we will just help you make your own lodging arrangements. But you'll be connected with the rest of our group so you can potentially share rides, share an apartment, make siteseeing excursions together, go to the clubs together, and so on. Your fees pay for hosting meet and greet parties during the trip for our group.

How Much Does it Cost?
This is a trip to the South of France at peak season. It's not cheap. Most people rent a condo for a week at a time. But we can advise you on many ways to either economize or go full VIP class.  If you rent a condo for a week, you can get your nightly room price down as low as 125 Euro or lower depending on location. Hotels can charge as much as 500 Euro per night. There is even a campground filled with swingers.

Accomodations book up very fast for this peak period, but we will help you find something. Last year we tried waiting till the last minute and were left with very few, very expensive choices. The sooner you book lodging, the better - and cheaper. We'll help you by advising about different locations, and proximity to where others are staying.

As for food budget, there is a full range of restaurant choice from high end to quick fast food. High-end restaurants are incredible affordable. And there are also great snacks. One of our favorites is Mr. Snacky where you can get gyros for a few euro. If you rent an apartment and get groceries outside the village, you can eat at normal eat-in prices.

Why are you organizing this? 
Mainly, we want to spread the word about this amazing place and promote the lifestyle. We all have more fun by getting a group together. In our experience, the only thing lacking on previous trips was to share it with more friends. We are putting this out on the Modern Lifestyle network to spread the word and hopefully build some momentum for an annual trip. 

We can't get away for these exact dates.  Does it matter? 
The swinger party in Cap D'Agde is ongoing, especially mid-July through mid-August. Our group arrives Aug 10, and some are staying for 2 full weeks through Aug 24.  Apartment rentals are mostly Saturday to Saturday.

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